Tuesday, February 2, 2016

RIP Joker

December 20, 2007 - February 2, 2016
Another of our area agility dogs has been taken too soon because of cancer. Joker was in remission since last spring so his family was just starting to think they had beaten this awful disease but it reared it's ugly head once again and, this time, they had to let Joker pass over to the Bridge. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him but no one will miss him as much as his Mum will miss him; he was her heart dog. And to make matters worse, her husband is also fighting his own battle with cancer.  Cancer just sucks.


  1. Oh man. This stinks! Sending prayers. Cancer is just awful. Military Husband recently lost his dad to cancer.

  2. We are so very sorry to hear about Joker. Godspeed♥ Our thoughts and prayers go out to his mum and lots of positive thoughts for his dad.

  3. Cancer does suck. Im so sorry.


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