Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another Capital Adventure

Last weekend some friends and I took our dogs to the MacKenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park. The park is not in Ottawa but it is in what is called the National Capital Region or NCR, so still part of the capital.

We didn't go into the museum or the visit the main house since we had the dogs but we did get some pictures of them on the ruins. They are not really ancient ruins, They were built just to enhance the gardens. You aren't supposed to climb on them but the dogs didn't climb we put them up there and only for long enough to get the photo shoot done.

From left to right: Beckett, Keltic, Jasmine, Scooter, Fannie and Pongo.

In the Arch
So we were at Moorside, one of the original cottages that now houses a small museum and a tearoom. You can also walk down the road a little to Kingsmere and see the main house and other cottages. They too are all open to the public. We could have taken turns going in but we'll leave that for another time perhaps.

I wondered as we were taking the photos if we would be eaten alive on the trail as there were deer flies around especially near the arch but once we got on the trails there were hardly any bugs. I think that it has been too dry for even the hardy mosquitoes.

We did the waterfall trail and the Lauriault trail.  They are connected and relatively easy with some short steeper sections. Although the stream seemed to be flowing well, the waterfall was a waterfail, there wasn't anything flowing down and over the rocks. We took a break at the look-out though before doing the Lauriault trail. The Lauriault trail is a loop of about 1.5 km so not a long hike but when you hit the road it is not well marked that you have to cross the road to continue the loop back to the estate.

Back at the estate there was a brass band playing so we decided to rest in the shade and listen for awhile. Some ice cream, water and snacks, even for the dogs were enjoyed as we listened to the music.

It was a perfect kind of day, blue sky with clouds, not too hot in the shade, no rush. Just the kind you wish would go on forever.


  1. What a fun day and thank goodness the hungry bugs disappeared!

  2. Sounds like a great time for everyone.

  3. Look like a great place to hike.

  4. What a pretty place! Sounds like a great day for the humans and dogs


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