Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Capital Adventure

Every day on my bus ride to work we cross over a bridge and from the bus windows I can see the Ottawa River Pathway, a biking and walking trail that goes along the shore of the Ottawa River.  For years now I been meaning to bring the dogs down for a walk along this pathway. Well we finally did it. I tried last weekend, even got all the way down town but it was raining by the time we got there so we just headed back home. This weekend it was hot and sunny so I decided in the morning was a good time to go. We were downtown by 9:20 am but still there was already lots of people cycling, running and walking on the pathway.

Near the start of our walk

First we walked over to the Navy monument, erected for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy. Always thought I was missing something seeing it from the bus but there wasn't all that much to see on the other side either.

Navy Monument
I think it's supposed to represent the prow of a ship. The battles that Navy has participated in are etched on this side but they're pretty hard to see, impossible in this picture. So after a short stop here we backtracked a bit and headed towards the Rideau Canal locks.

Parliamentary Library
Keltic was pulling all the way and diving into the underbrush every time he heard or saw a chipmunk. They were pretty brazen so it happened a lot. He certainly kept Beckett and I moving at a good place. We had to be careful of cyclists, most will let you know when they are passing but some just whiz on by and you don't even hear them until they are right there. Thankfully Keltic seems to have decided he doesn't need to chase bike, roller blades, now that's another story.

Museum of Civilisation

Major's Hill Park
Anyway we made it down to the locks, here we took a short break to sit in the shade and pose for a few pictures on the big red chairs. Silly Mummy didn't even bring any money so I couldn't even get us a treat to share.

Canal winches

Cross for those who died building the canal
The Rideau locks bring boats up from the Ottawa River and into the Rideau Canal, down from the canal too. Today when we were there,  they were lifting some boaters up to the canal, we didn't walk up to see them but it's pretty neat to watch if you've never seen how a lock system works.

On the Rideau lock

The canal with the big red chairs (see them?)

Beckett and Keltic enjoying the view.
After taking a break at the canal, we headed back as the parking spot I had was only for two hours. I needn't have worried as there was only one other car there when I got back but you never know when you might get a ticket.

Looking up towards the canal and downtown Ottawa.
On the way back we took couple short breaks, one time this chipmunk came right up over the bank nearly running into Keltic. Boy, did he every scurry back down, Keltic tried to go over the edge too. Good thing for strong leashes.

Victoria Island and Place du Portage
We didn't go to Victoria Island on this trip. There's a land claim by the Algonquin Indians over the island, they have teepees and  a stockade built, I'm not sure if they try to keep people off. Today there didn't seem to be anyone around.
The Place du Portage Complex is actually four interconnected buildings, the building with Canada written on it (you might have to make it bigger). I work behind and across the street from this complex. There are thousands of federal government employees working in the complex. I have friends that work in the complex and unless we make plans to meet, I've hardly ever run into them.  

We made it back to the car in plenty of time before the two hours was up. And on our way back I discovered that there is a white water kayak course in Ottawa, who knew, well at least I didn't.

Kayak course
So that was our capital adventure for this weekend. I'll have to see if I can discover other free places to park and discover more of the capital with the boys.


  1. What a fun time for you all. Ottawa is beautiful!

  2. Wow! What a neat place to take a walk. I love watching boats go through lock systems.

  3. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area (I know I live further from Ottawa now, but I am in the city a few days a week). I never take enough advantage of it either. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  4. That looks just lovely. What a great place to walk. Some of my dogs go crazy over bikes. I've worked on it and worked on it and just can't seem to break it.


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