Friday, January 6, 2017

Crisp mas Mornin

Hey der eberyone, Mums it letting us post about our Crispmas mornin. It about time. She has been very busy and wouldna sit down to type it out for us.

We had us a very good Crisp mas.  Christmas Eve we had da family and friends over for dinner at our place.  One of the friends and her doggies stayed da night. Christmas morning we gots to open our gifts. Keltic does a pretty good job. I is not so sure about it. I kept checking what Keltic had done. We each gots to eat our big cookie right away.

Our stocking were hung

Our beautiful tree

Christmas Eve table
Afterward Mums loaded da car wid all da gifts for da other peeps and we went over to our our other families house for da rest of da day.  The littlest peep, ceptin the littlest peep is getting pretty big,  and his family came too and so did our cousin Merle wid his folks.

Merle and the littlest peep

Click on the link to see us opening our pressies!

We eben gots to have Christmas dinner on new plates dat our Auntie gaved to us.

Hopefully Mums will get back to writing more frequently our blog for us. We don't wants you to think we forgots about all our dog friends.

Keltic makes himself comfy

Happy New Year Eberybody!!


  1. Thanks Helen, I love hearing their Crispmas story! :)

  2. Looks like a fantastic holiday! I really love those plates, and your christmas dinner looks delicious. Your mom sure does know how to make teh holiday special for her babies.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


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