Monday, January 16, 2017

Silver Award of Merit

We finished last year with Beckett only needing two more qualifying scores in Masters Standard for his Expert Silver Standard and his Silver Award of Merit.

For the first trial of 2017,  I entered him in four Masters Standards in hopes that we could get two of them.  Our first run was beautiful, we were in sync, it flowed, we danced; until the second last obstacle, the dog walk, I didn't tell Beckett to target and although he was slowing down he managed to miss the yellow contact zone.

I was really bummed as now I thought that things would go from bad to worse. It only takes that one little thing to throw you off your game.  I tried not to let it get to me as we still had three more runs to go.

Our second standard wasn't as nice. I came out of the ring thinking perhaps we had two refusals.  To make sure Beckett got out to the tunnel (obstacle 11), I pushed past the bottom of the A-frame and he came with me right into the pocket between the two obstacles but then scooted over to get into the tunnel. Then on the second weave entry, he came to a complete stop, I thought he only turned his head before he entered and did the weaves, but I wasn't sure.  I was very surprised to see that it was a Q. Poor Beckett didn't even get a jackpot for that Q.

Now we only needed one more Q, it was getting late and we had to be back the following morning for Keltic's turn.  Master Standard 3 was the course that I had liked the best when I first looked at them and I hoped that Beckett would like it too.

I worried a bit about the first few jumps and getting him into that first tunnel without any spinning.  He didn't, the only spinning we got was when my front cross after the A-frame was late. I was very nearly in his way for the weaves but Beckett saved the day with his awesome weave entry. Beckett certainly was rewarded for this run with real chicken, not just the chicken hot dogs he normally gets.

I was tired, my leg was sore, Beckett was even limping a little; we had done what we came to do so we pulled from out last run and went home.  But I think Beckett would have Q'd the last run too.

I never thought when I started agility that I would be able to even put a championship on one of my dogs, now I have a great little dog who has his Silver Award of Merit for 25 Standard Q's and 50 Games Q's all at the Masters level.  

Way to go, Beckett!


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