Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Cards

So we sent out all our Christmas cards, so now I can let people see the designs I selected.

The first card we used for a Sheltie card exchange so I decided that there would be no picture of me on the card.  The second card was for family and close friends so I used the shot of all three of us. 

It's fun playing with all the designs that are available. The price isn't too bad but I wish postage was cheaper as it does get expensive to send out the cards especially the international ones.  I do like receiving cards as well but not many people send cards any more, that's why I joined the Sheltie card exchange last year.


  1. Your cards are beautiful - both of them!

  2. What great cards. I love the idea of a Sheltie exchange. I participate in the Blogville card exchange. The US cards do add up. However, I must confess I do email the international ones. As it is doing just the US for family, friends, and exchanges it is a cost.

    However, the cards I get in return make beautiful Christmas card wreaths.

  3. Great photos and cards! I love the one of the three of you, you can see the love between the three of you. so sweet

    Enjoy the holiday season.


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