Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bears of Berlin

Last week I went to Berlin for work, I was supposed to leave on Saturday, 14 April but freezing rain and snow delayed our travel by a day. Well our travel out of Ottawa anyway, my sister made her connections and got into Berlin on Sunday as planned. I got in around lunch time on Monday and my boss got in around supper time on Monday so we missed the first day of the meetings.

De-icing in Toronto

The symbol of the city of Berlin is a bear and all over the city you will find buddy bears, an art project that was started in 2001.  They make a good photo op so we decided to take pictures of all the bears that we saw. There are some 140 full-size bears but obviously we didn't see all of them.  

Olympic bear

Sites of Berlin bear

Block House bear

Melia hotel bear

East Side Gallery bear

Welcome bear

Bear inside the TV tower

Capital bear

Zoo bear at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station)

US Liberty bear

Nivea bear

Some of these bears were not full size bears but rather smaller ones that we saw in stores.  The US Liberty bear, found at the US Embassy, was the only one we couldn't approach as you needed to go inside the lobby of the embassy. Most of the other bears were outside but even those that were inside were in places open to the public such as train stations or stores.

More about my trip to Germany to come in other blog posts.  


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