Monday, July 23, 2018

It had to Happen!

Well, it finally happened, Keltic got his Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title this past weekend.  It seemed like after he got out of Starters everything fell apart. We needed to retrain start line stays, contacts, the table and weaves. Things have started to come together, his start lines and contacts are pretty good.  Tables are not too bad.  But weave entries continue to be a challenge, He's not bad in practice but at trials he either turns and refuses to do the entry or misses the entry.  I've tried not to baby sit the entry, hoping he would get them on his own but so far nothing has really worked.  In his second standard Q, I sat him down as he came out of a tunnel as he had turned into me and wouldn't have even the seen the weaves. He got the entry on the send from a sit which he can do pretty consistently.

Advanced Standard 2

Yesterday we did three Advanced Standards. In Adv Std 2,  the weaves came after the table so I knew it would be sort of like a send to the weaves.  But this time I also ran towards pole two and gave him no real choice but to get the entry between poles one and two or blow them off all together. Well he got the entry, he didn't stick the weaves as I think I was rather close but in Advanced you just have to get the entry, then completing the weaves just takes time.   I put him back in at the entry and he did all 12, no popping.  I held my breath for the rest of the run but it was made for him and it was clean, our third Advanced Q for Keltic's Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title. Other than baby sitting the weave entry, Keltic had a beautiful run, nice to get the title that way.

In the record!
Keltic was the only dog in the class that actually got a Q and he was moving pretty fast too. Not nearly as fast as another Sheltie named Daisy but I'll take Keltic's speed, not sure I could keep up otherwise. He also had the best run for Specials and Vets.


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