Sunday, June 17, 2018

Beckett's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Becket's ninth birthday by going on a shopping trip. First, we went to Global Pet Foods where I buy their dry dog food. I was looking for some kind of flying disc but I didn't see one I thought Beckett would like so we bought treats instead.  Keltic picked them out, they must have smelled good as he popped the lids right off the containers.  We also bought Zukes for agility treats and two of the special cookies.

Next we went to Pet Valu, again I looked for some kind of flying disc.  They did have one but I didn't want to pay that much as we had spent more than I wanted at Global so we just bought more treats instead. They put them in a nice little brown bag that you can see in the pictures. They had one of the treats from the little brown bag before going inside.

Love me, Spoil me, Treat Me
Inside, I had some other things for Beckett that I wrapped up so then we did the birthday pictures at the table.  

After the requisite party pictures, the boys got to eat the big cookie.  Don't worry I cut back their dinner so no one would get an upset tummy.

Party Hat Cookies

I think he likes it.

Then it was time  to open the gifts.  Well, Beckett tried but then I had to do it for him.  

Opening the pressies
These presents weren't treats so perhaps that's why there wasn't so much interest; they were a new collar and a little fabric disc to play with indoors.

Beckett's presents
Beckett is in his last year of single digits, I hope we have many more years ahead but you never know. 

Happy Birthday, Beckett!


  1. Happy Birthday, Beckett! You sure did have one very special day!

  2. Happy Birthday Beckett. Your family planned a great day for you.

  3. Happy Birthday Beckett! I love the photos of you two at the table in your hats. Such good boys. Glad you had a special day!

  4. Happy Happy Belated Birthday Beckett!! Wow you had a good time! BTW I went into Pet Valu for the first time last week, great store!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Becket!! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration! Hope you have been enjoying your summer, thanks for the share. Loved checking out your post! Have a nice rest of your week.
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