Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ceilidh's Journey - Week 14

Two weeks ago, we were over the moon when Ceilidh and I ran one of her best runs ever and it was in Snooker, no less. It felt almost like her first Masters Jumpers Q where I felt we were connected by an invisible band while at the same time having the feeling I was watching the run a split second before it happened. It was a really cool feeling that I never told anyone about for months, thinking they might think I was crazy. I've run every run since then to have that feeling of being completely at one with my canine partner. This Snooker run at Morning Star was almost like that, there were a couple of moments when I thought she was going to spin in front of a tunnel, but for the most part we were totally in sync with each other. We finished our opening and the close all within time, crossing the finish line at just over 57 seconds, a Qualifying score and first place. This was Ceilidh's second Masters Snooker. Since returning to agility after her surgery in Jan, she has given me some wonderful memories, her second Masters Standard, her first Masters Gamblers, her first Masters Team and that beautiful Snooker run. She is only 6 qualifying scores from her Agility Trial Champion Title.

Last Sunday we were at Dream Fields, no Q's but Ceilidh still enjoyed some wonderful moments on course. But late Sunday night, I noticed her licking herself and found what I thought was another tumour in her groin area. I was flying out to Washington D.C. the next day so I could do nothing about it until my return. On Friday afternoon, I was able to get her back into see Dr Bravo at Alta Vista. It was worse than a tumour, the swelling I felt was a lymph node; the cancer is now in her lymph system. Dr Bravo recommended surgery to remove the lymph node and to start her on the other chemotherapy. Tomorrow, 19 May 2010, we see Dr Liptak for a surgical consult, if I go ahead with surgery, Ceilidh will have the lymph node removed on Thursday, 20 May 2010 and then will begin another round of chemo ten days later.

I'm not sure whether I should put her through all of this. I thought once we stopped the Palladia, her appetite would get better. It's gotten worse, yesterday and today all I could get her to eat was ice cream, some white bread, and baked beans, she won't even eat the highly favoured chicken hot dogs something she's always wanted even with all the pills I've stuffed in them.

I withdrew her from Ontario Regionals which are being held two weeks from now as well as from the All Dogs trial in June. I had hoped to get her Masters Agility Dog title but now it seems as that is not to be; my wonderful crazy Ceilidh has become an old tired girl in front of my eyes.

And on top of dealing with Ceilidh, my older Sheltie Tucker was in to the vet's office four times today, 18 May 2010, for blood tests for hypothyroidism and Cushings. The results of those tests will be in tomorrow, hopefully we will get some good news there.

Sometimes life is just cruel.

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  1. aww helen I'm so sad for you both

    hang in there


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