Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ceilidh's Journey - The Last Post

Kelbren Ceilidh Everlasting - 21 Jan 2003 to 26 May 2010
On 26 May 2010, I let my little princess go to Rainbow Bridge. We had our surgical consult on 14 May but as Ceilidh had not been eating well, Dr Liptak wanted to wait until she was eating better before putting her through the additional stress of surgery. Things didn't get better, Ceilidh hardly ate anything and on the Friday evening before the Victoria Day long weekend, she was barely drinking and having dry heaves. I contacted Dr Bravo's Vet tech, Donna Dempsie, who thought that I should bring Ceilidh into see the emergency vet at Alta Vista as she was likely getting dehydrated. Ceilidh stayed at Alta Vista until Sunday afternoon on fluid therapy and getting all of her medications by injection. I picked her up expecting her to have a little more energy but she was still very listless, although she was no longer retching. Monday, all I could get her to eat was MacDonald's French fries and a little chicken. I asked my sister to make arrangements to come with me on Wed to let her go. On Tues morning, Ceilidh was more alert and had breakfast with us, peanut butter and jam on toast. I debated whether or not I should call Alta Vista to make the appointment to let her go. I called later that morning and Donna told me that if for any reason I wanted to cancel not to hesitate. Tuesday evening, Tucker and Ceilidh laid by the fireplace together. I had never seen them that close; I think Tucker knew what was about to happen. Wed morning, Ceilidh again ate peanut butter and jam on toast but she laid by the fireplace and I had to bring it over to her. My sister arrived about 9:30 am, Ceilidh tried to get up and couldn't, when I helped her up, she couldn't stand. Her eyes were so tired and filled with dismay. At Alta Vista, they made the process very gentle. Ceilidh rested on my lap on a comfortable sofa and when we were ready, Dr Bravo gave her the injection to release her from the fight against this terrible disease. I received the call from Alta Vista today that her urn is back so later this week, probably Friday evening, Ceilidh will be home with me once again.


  1. My condolonces to you and your family.
    Losing a dog is hard, especially through euthanising. RIP Ceilidh. She'll be waiting at the rainbow bridge :)

  2. It's still so hard to believe that she's gone...but as her registered name proves, Ceilidh will never really be gone. No one will ever forget that beautiful face.

    Never forget how lucky she was to have you!

    She fought hard. Rest in peace, brave little dog.


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