Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping with Dogs

On the mid-August weekend, some agility friends, my sister and brother-in-law and I went camping with our dogs. We went to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park which is located about 2 hours from Ottawa. There were eight humans and 10 dogs. When the first group of us arrived Friday, it was a beautiful sunny day but not too hot. The weather the rest of the weekend wasn't perfect. It was cloudy and windy on Saturday but at least it didn't rain. On Saturday night we had a very noisy thunderstorm but luckily we got very little rain and were able to have a hot breakfast and pack up before the rain started on Sunday. So really, it was good weather to be camping with dogs!!

We had decided to reserve most all of the campsites on dead-end road so that we would have privacy in our area. That meant almost all of us had our own campsite and we also had a group site where we had our evening bonfires. I think next time we won't get as many sites, as most sites even if they said they were only for one tent would probably fit two.

This was Beckett's first camping trip and he handled it like a pro, even getting tangled in the picnic table many, many times a day so his Momma wouldn't get bored. Both he and Tucker slept well, even during the thunderstorm and even with squirrels in our campsite. Dogs running through the site after squirrels was another story and did cause quite a commotion.

Beckett didn't mind when I put him chest deep in water but he showed no inclination to go swimming even when the other dogs were splashing around retrieving toys. I'm thinking I should buy him a life jacket and see if that changes his opinion of water.

Tucker, an old hand at camping, enjoyed laying around the campsite and mooching food from us at the picnic table. But because of his age and hyperlipidism we didn't go for any long hikes, just short walks in the camp ground.

It was the first time that I had really been camping in years but now that I know that it's possible to get campsites in some of the parks around here on short notice, I will likely do a few more weekend camping trips next year. If we're not doing agility that is!!

I took a couple video clips of the other dogs swimming and I've attached the video here. The other dogs all seemed to be having so much fun in the water. It's my only regret about Shelties is that they don't enjoy swimming; my second Sheltie, Gryffon loved to play in water but not swimming.

Can't wait for next year's outing but maybe not at Sharbot Lake, the proximity of the highway made it noisy at night. Overall though, it was a great weekend of relaxation with the pups and friends.


  1. It was a fun trip! I'm glad it worked out. Looking forward to checking out another site with everyone next year.

  2. what fun!!
    Next year come to prince edward county - you can come play in my agility field .. not that it's much but it's fun ;) and walk on the farm too if you want

  3. Helen,
    Gryffon does look just like my Oreo. I went to Gryffon's tribute page, and from the second line of your poem, it sounds like they are kindred spirits as well. I feel that way about Oreo so often...that no one but me really knows him, because he's so shy. I got goosebumps reading Gryffon's tribute.


  4. Helen, Jasmine didn't really like water at first, and I had to gently encourage her into the river at a certain beach we know. Now, she loves to run and splash in puddles. The dirtier she is, the better. At Sharbot lake, she finally understood that you can "retrieve" a toy while swimming, but as your video clearly shows, she prefers playing with Beckett than going in the water....


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