Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Official

Beckett is now two years old and can now have his measurements officially recorded on his AAC card. Soon, we'll know for sure if he is a 16" Regular dog. 

We weren't home on his birthday so I had to buy him some special cookies. One for Beckett and one for his big brother, Tucker.

Beckett's big present was delivered while we were away. Today after I mowed the lawn, we finally put it out in the backyard. I think the colour is just perfect for a bi-black Sheltie boy.

It also came with two pairs of tunnel bags but I think I'm going to order tunnel snuggers from Clean Run.  Beckett also got a new toy, not that he needed another one, but hey you're only two once.

Our next trial isn't until August when we will be back down in New Brunswick. Hopefully, he can have both measurements done at this trial since he can be measured each day of the trial. 

Happy Belated Second Birthday, Beckett!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Beckett. Boy, you are a lucky dog~ cookies AND a nice new tunnel! That means lots of fun in the yard!


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