Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving Thanks

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada; the weather was extremely nice; almost too hot for October.

On Saturday, Beckett, Tucker and I went to Red Gate's Fun Match and we spent a wonderful day doing our favourite pastime. It's a tradition at Red Gate to go out to dinner afterwards. This time we went to a pub called Ballygiblins; the food and the camaraderie were wonderful.

Beckett - Advanced Gamblers

Beckett's Fun Match Standard Runs
On Sunday, I took a drive with Beckett and Tucker. The plan was to go to the Cumberland Heritage Village. It's closed at this time of year but it's still nice to walk the grounds and look at the old houses. Unfortunately, it was the day for the Fall Classic cross country run so it was packed with people. We turned around  and stopped at a public boat launch on the Ottawa River instead. Sunday night I had dinner at my sister's place. It was just three of us for dinner, my sister, my brother-in-law and me. We had a very non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, BBQ Chili pork loin, sweet potato rice pilaf, asparagus, sweet potatoes with turnip and stuffing but it seemed like an autumnal meal just the same. I made pumpkin cream cheese pie for our dessert.

Beckett and Tucker on the Ottawa River
Today, we closed down the Krazy Kanines field for the season. It seemed a shame to do it while the weather was so nice but that's the contract we have the owner of the property. Then I went home, had a quick bite to eat and did some much needed housework.  I finished up just before 3 pm and decided to take a drive back to the Heritage Village.

Fearless Chipmunk
Autumn leaves in the sun

The 1900 House

Tucker and Beckett down on the farm.

It was quite warm so Tucker wasn't up to walking far so we didn't stay very long and, in any case we had to get home to make supper. But it was a wonderful weekend and it made me realize I have so much to give thanks for; my family and friends (even if I don't say it often enough, they mean the world to me), my health (even if my knees are giving me a little grief), my wealth (even though I complain about taxes it allows me to participate in a pastime I enjoy), my home (even if I don't always feel like housecleaning), my dogs (even when I have to clean up after them) and the freedom to enjoy a sunny afternoon (even though it meant the weekend was coming to an end).


  1. That meal sounds AMAZING! Very fall flavors - fun weekend! :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! It sounds like a perfect fall weekend!


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