Monday, October 24, 2011

One Trick Puppy

Beckett got his third Advanced Gambler Qualifying score this weekend so he will now be in Masters Gamblers.  That should be exciting but I'm sure we will find that we have a lot more training to do as you'll see in the video all of his Advanced Gamblers Q's were essentially the same, so maybe he's a one trick puppy.  He actually should have had the first gamble at this trial too, but because I waited for him to stop spinning on his own, we didn't get the gamble in time. The first gamble was out to the far end of a tunnel, 12 weaves and a jump, the buzzer went when Beckett was taking off for the jump.  I've been working on a line up command to bring him in back at my side when he starts to spin, but I never even thought to give it a try.

He did quite well in his first Advanced Standard of the trial but refused the table. He refused the table in the next Standard as well, it was curious. A friend watched our Advanced Jumpers where he spun and refused a jump as I started a rear cross; she said as soon as I decelerated he began to spin.  So now we have something else to train and that will be to get him to go to the table no matter what I do.

We also got another Advanced Snooker Q at this trial. We ran a very nice jumpers course for our Snooker as the only contact on the course was an A-frame and it was the number 7 obstacle. I did four reds, two 5's, one 6 (both were two jump, tunnel combinations) and one 4 (a two jump combo) before starting the close with Beckett. We ran out of time at the A-frame but still had 44 points, a qualifying score is 37 points.

Our next trials are in Nov with one again at Dream Fields and one at Absolute Agility. Beckett now needs only one Advanced Standard for his Advanced Agility Dog title; and one Snooker and two Advanced Jumpers for his Advanced Games Dog title. I'm hoping we can finish them up this year.


  1. Congratulations Helen and Beckett!

  2. Well done!!!

    Good lucks for the coming trials too!

  3. Go Beckett go!! I for one am very excited to have you back in Masters -- just a few more left to finish up Advanced. Woo hoo!


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