Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boo-day!!!

It seems like yesterday that I picked up my boy from the breeder to begin my Christmas holidays. Today, my tiny Tucker is eleven.

He was diagnosed with Cushing's a few months ago and has slowed down quite a bit due to arthritis but he still enjoys his walks (as long as we don't go too far or too fast) and he definately still enjoys his treats.

Tucker was a great Christmas gift!!

He was a happy little guy!!

His big brother Gryffon thought he was the bestest friend!!!

He was usually a gentleman with sister, Ceilidh!!

He's an Agility Trial Champion!!

He taught Beckett a thing or two!!

He speaks volumes with his eyes!!
Happy Birthday, Tucker Boo!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Tucker!

    I wish you all the best and hope you have lots of treats too!

  2. Tucker has such a great face!

    I hope he is able to enjoy treat filled days for a long, long time. Happy birthday Tucker!

  3. I love all those photos of him, from puppyhood to dignified gentleman. Happy boo-day Tucker!

  4. what a lovely retrospective ... happy birthday dear Tucker :)

  5. Happy "belated" Birthday! You're looking great! Love how you're wearing your medal :)


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