Wednesday, March 14, 2012

True Colours - Sing Me the Blues

This week's colour isn't just one colour but a range of colours.

I thought it would be difficult to find the range of colours in just one object but it didn't turn out to be that difficult. Many pieces of art work that have sky in them will have this range of blues.

My sister and I went to Toronto on the weekend to see War Horse with our youngest sister and my Dad's half sister.

We stayed with my Dad's half sister and it was at her place where I found my first two selections. The first is a graphic representing the ski resort at Canmore, Alberta.

Canmore Ski Resort
The second is a glass pitcher and gazing ball that were on a shelf in her kitchen. The pitcher when put up into the light looks all one shade of blue but when it was sitting on the shelf it appeared to be darker on the bottom.

Glass Pitcher and Gazing Ball

From my own things, I found a little oil lamp that I was given for my birthday one year. It's never been lit and probably never will since an inquisitive little black dog knocked it off the coffee table and it now has a hairline crack in it.

Oil Lamp
Lastly, I did look to the sky. My sister and I had taken the train to Toronto. Our return trip was on a warm sunny spring day and as we passed by Lake Ontario, the water and sky almost became one, filling our view with many shades of blue.

Lake Ontario - view from the train
War Horse was awesome by the way. If you ever have the chance to go see it, it is well worth the money.


  1. It always amazes me how the great lakes look like oceans. They are so massive.

    Love the oil lamp! If only you could rub it and have a genie come out :)

  2. Great pictures. I really like the Glass Pitcher with the shades of blue. It's neat looking!

  3. A lovely selection of blues - the Canmore print particularly appeals not just because of the colour but because I've been there, and that pitcher I'd love to add to my collection of glass.

  4. Wow what great finds....the glass is just stunning !


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