Friday, March 2, 2012

Shoe Fairies

Do you have shoe fairies? I do! I started noticing a few weeks ago that every once in a while I would find a shoe from the front hallway down the hall. A couple weeks ago, I noticed that one of my slippers had been moved. They are always left upstairs in my bedroom. Then just last week, one of the shoes from my shoe rack in my walk-in closet was moved off the rack. Those shoe fairies were sure getting brave. And it's always only one shoe or slipper.

This week, I came home and what did I find in my walk-in closet but a roll of toilet paper that had been kidnapped, assaulted, ripped apart and left for dead. Boy, those shoe fairies were starting to get mean.

But then, I thought maybe it isn't shoe fairies. So then I thought, well who could have done it.  Sit back and watch the Who Dun It - The Toilet Paper Caper.


  1. LOL!! He's like, "You can't make me talk!" And he smiles through the whole thing - cute!!

  2. We have a shoe fairy here too!!!!!!! Same shoe. Hmmmm.

  3. Eva loves our slippers! She just likes to play with them and makes us chase after her.

    not snitching on his brother - isn't Tucker a good boy - and wise of Beckett to lawyer up too!!

  5. I blame aliens all the time and Mommy believes me everytime! Beckett -- it was aliens, don't admit to anything!!!

  6. Now there's another possibility we didn't think of... aliens


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