Wednesday, March 7, 2012

True Colours - Apple Green

Well, I can't say that its early spring here. We had quite a bit of snow last week so it's still very white but hopefully it will begin to melt soon enough as it is supposed to warm up later this week.

This week's colour is apple-green. Most of the items I found were kitchen items or at least found in the kitchen.

Salad bowl and green cutting board

From right under Beckett and Tucker's noses, their water bowl. I used to have a water bowl for each dog but found that they liked to share. Now there is one bowl upstairs and one downstairs.
Tucker and Beckett's water bowl.
The next selections are from my dining room which is painted with two shades of green. You can see the colours of the wall in the dining room in the pictures below. The upper colour is very much a spring or apple green. The art tile is a Christmas gift I gave to my Dad; he loved bird watching.

Ceramic art tile

Pear and Apple Salt and Pepper Shakers
And now for the twist, I didn't have any green apples, only Gala apples which are mostly red so I didn't want to buy any more so I took my picture in the grocery store with my Smart phone and e-mailed it to myself. Isn't technology wonderful? 

How do you like them Green apples?


  1. Your pear and apple salt and pepper shakers are wonderful! I love them! Great choices!

  2. Pretty stuff! Love their water bowl.

  3. The ceramic bird tile is beautiful.
    And as a great lover/user of ground pepper I'm really impressed with your grinder.

  4. The paw print waterbowl is so beautiful! I love that green!

  5. I almost took a picture of a green mixing bowl too. We love your water bowl with the paw prints. We are so jealous!!!!

  6. that pear shaped pepper grinder - how darn cute is that. All great finds...and YES....carry a camera with you everywhere as you never know where that elusive color will pop up


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