Saturday, October 6, 2012

Belated National Taco Day

Hi eberyone, is me Beckett.  Today for dinner, Mums let us have sumptin special, a Taco salad.  It was National Taco Day on 4 Oct but my little brudda, Keltic has his bedience classes that night so Mums didn't have time to make them. Weese heard about National Taco Day from Reilly and his brudda Denny over at Cowspot DogMitch and Molly also joined in and dey had tacos on real plates. Mums thought we'd be too messy.

Mums let us have real hamburger and sour cream in our salad, just a little bit. The sour cream was my favor-right bit, I ate it all up in one bite. I didn't much like the taco part but Keltic did; that boy will eat anything.

Here's a close up of our salad.  It had tomatoes, olives and lettuce in it too, underneath was our regular kibble. 

Mums had tacos for her supper too. She had hers wid a beer; she said that was the ony thing to have with tacos. I dunno why, I think it smells funky.

I hopes weese gets a taco salad more often.

Bye for now, luv, Beckett.


  1. It seems you and Keltic had the best tacos!

  2. Yum! That looked super yummy! My peoples accidentaly had tacos too, but they didn't know it be National Taco Day. I didn't even get any!
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  3. Yum--lucky dogs! My two like beer :)

  4. Keltic look at that face you can't wait LOL! What a nice wee change for dinner! I bet mum really enjoyed her's as well :)


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