Friday, October 5, 2012

Future Agility Star

The future is now. Today a young man, 16 year old Spencer and his dog Peak took on the world and they did us proud. Their agility run was good enough for 5th place but this was the Team Agility run so there was no podium finish for Spencer. Maybe in the individual rounds coming up tomorrow and Sunday.

Spencer and Gibson
Spencer and Peak

Spencer has been training for years. I first saw him run when he was about 9 or 10, then he was running his mother's dog Gibson, a golden retriever as a junior handler. He had it as his goal to go to a World Championship even back then.  He got Peak nearly 5 years ago and they have been training for this day ever since.

There certainly is a bright future for Spencer and Peak with runs like this.

The video is public so I sure hope the link works and you can see the run. Spencer and Peak are the second dog and handler in the video.


  1. A phenomenal run by an incredible team!

  2. Oh to be young and full of confidence :) Wow what a run, great wee handler smashing fast wee Sheltie Congrats!


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