Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry and Bright

Just some shots taken from my family room and front porch late last night as the storm was ending.

 This is a pine tree in the back yard. I don't have a Christmas tree in the family room but you can see this little tree while you're sitting on the couch.  It can also be seen from the sidewalk on the street out back of the yard.

This is the cherry tree in my front yard. I had originally planned only white lights but started adding blue a couple years ago. The pictures don't look as good as the real thing.

This is my neighbour's coach lamp. The first picture is without a flash and for the second shot I used the flash on my camera.

Just finished doing my driveway again and shoveling the deck. It wasn't fun, the snow turned to rain yesterday, then back to snow as the temperatures dropped so it was all frozen underneath.

I like a white Christmas but I think we have enough and some sun would be nice but it does look pretty with the lights and the snow.


  1. It does look pretty! I love all your lights.

  2. It still looks so the outdoor tree

  3. I love a white Christmas. Beautiful decorations!

  4. It does look pretty. You get to have a real Christmas!

  5. I'm sure the snow is inconvenient but it sure looks so pretty!
    Hope you has a very Merry Christmas!
    ~lickies, Ludo!

  6. Yes the snow looks pretty if it just wasnt so treacherous and cold! Lovely pictures :)

  7. That's a lot of snow. I bet it was hard work shoveling.


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