Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pawsome Christmas

Hey dere eberyone, it's me Keltic.  Beckett was right, Sandy Paws, I mean Santa Paws brought us some pawsome pressies.  I been too busy playin wid my new toys and eating treats to write before now.

We started out our mornin openin up the pressies in our socks that Santa Paws filled.  He gaves us both some new toys and treats.  Mums included a video of us openin our gifts, she had to heps us just a little bit as I wasn't too sure I was loud to rip dem.

Then it was off to Mums family for the big Christmas. There was lots of other pressies, mostly for the peepuls but we got some too.  We gots new bowls and place mats from Mums. I wasn't too thrilled wid that pressie as you cants play wid them and der was no food in dem.  Mums told us she boughted dem a long time ago when de old guy, Tucker, was still livin wid us. At first, she only boughted two sets but den she felt bad about de old guy and went back an boughted anudder set.  We all misseded Tucker this Christmas. 

We gots new stuffies from our neybour Auntie Julie. We also got a big gift of treats from Mums. She says dey is all natural, I don care if dey is or not but dey sure tastes good. I wanted to hep myself but Mums says you cants eat too much of dem.

Me an Beckett openin our big pressie

Me (Keltic) trying to get more treats.
After all the pressies were opened, the peepuls just sort of hung around. They made a big deal bout dis little peepul guy. He smelled kinda good but I wasnt loud to licks him.

Adrian Robert

Later on, the peepuls sat down to dinner but they didnt let us eats wid dem.  But when Mums finished she made us sum dinner. We gots turkey, mashed tater, veggies and gravy.  I luved it all and wolfed it right down. Beckett ates slower den me, he ates his turkey and gravy first, den he ates his taters and veggies. Mums had to keep me out of his plate; I sure was willin to hep him clean da plate.

Our pawsome pressies
So I weally, weally enjoyed my first Christmas. We was so tired when we gots home that's we went straight to our beds.

Oh and I gots one special gift from Mums, an ornament for da tree. Beckett didn't get one cuz he already got one in da tree.

I hopes eberyone had a pawsome Christmas like us.  Hope you all has a happy healthy New Year too!!

Lots of licks, Keltic
(and from Beckett too)


  1. Keltic, for your first Christmas , we say you hit the mother load, a awesome collections of stuff, That Christmas thingy sure is fun, here's hoping you guys have like 87 hundred more happy ones.

    Your Pals
    the Scottie Twinkies

  2. You guys got lots of great presents! Plus, you were really good at opening them. Fun!

  3. So cute. Glad da paw boys had a good Christmas.
    Aunt Juanita

  4. What a wonderful Christmas with so many pawsome toys!

  5. Love your little green froggie toy with the ball in the middle. Also loved the caption -- hey where did the toy go when your brother Sheltie stole it from you when you were too busy shredding the wrapping paper. So cute. Thanks for the big smile this morning!

  6. loved this sooo much! so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Looks like a great Christmas!!!

  8. Sounds like you all had a great time!


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