Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

Well, today was supposed to be my last day at work before Christmas holidays but since we had a forecast that was calling for 25 to 30 cm of snow, I decided that if the storm hit I would make it a Snow Day. I did bring some stuff home from work yesterday, maybe I'll get around to doing some of it.

The street in front of my house.
So far this morning all we've done is snow-blow my driveway, my neighbour's as well as paths in the backyard for the dogs and shovelled the deck. And let me tell you that was work. The snow is wet and heavy, perfect for snow forts and snowmen. It's still coming down heavy, so I'll likely have to do everything again, if not tonight then tomorrow morning.

Beckett and Keltic enjoyed running around in the backyard and just laying out in the snow. It's not too cold and there's very little wind.

Now they're napping, tired out from all the romping around but I'm sure they'll be ready to go out and play in the snow again soon. Snow Days are nice when you can stay home warm and dry. 


  1. Boy, that made me cold, hope they kept their furs zipped up. I like snow, but we don't get a lot here, can you ship some to us?

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  2. That's a lot of snow!!!!!! We really loved the video and how it was a Sheltie-Go-Round around the Christmas tree.

    1. And we do have Christmas lights in that tree, Lass C and Ben G.

  3. snow!! Enjoy your vacation! I hope we get some snow while I'm off.

  4. Looks like lots and lots of fun (for the dogs) LoL

  5. Oh, it looks amazing!!!!! My two run around the pine trees too. Fingers crossed we get some real snow soon.

  6. Awwww that made me :) Their having so much fun! Keep safe and warm :)


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