Friday, March 8, 2013

My B-day!

Well it's not Keltic's birthday nor Beckett's, it's mine. And I got what I asked for for my birthday, a nice sunny day. It's been so depressing lately, snow and grey skies for what seems like months, well a couple weeks anyway. At this time of year, you start to hope for some nice days.

I had hoped to sleep in but Keltic was up at 6 am, I went downstairs to let them out and hoped to get another few winks. But Keltic was in and out and in and out, finally I got up, had a shower and made breakfast; it was 7:30 am.

After breakfast, I took myself out on a little shopping spree. I got Game of Thrones, Season 2 that I've been wanting ever since I watched season 1 in one afternoon. I bought Hunger Games too, I've already seen it in the theatre but it's a good movie.  I also bought sandals. A little early to wear those yet but the style is called Helen so I just had to get them. I also bought a pair of dress slacks and top. And lastly, I got a pair of exercise pants; I've been looking for something lighter than jeans to wear when running agility.

After my little shopping trip, I came home and took Beckett and Keltic to the park and afterwards we played in the back yard for awhile.

I had lots of birthday wishes from friends and family and my youngest sister surprised me with a gift certificate for Cineplex theatres. We don't usually do birthday gifts between us any more.

Now I'm having a nice quiet evening. Tomorrow another my sisters and her family are having me over for dinner so my birthday gets extended just a little bit longer.  All in all it's been a very good day and a good birthday.

Oh and Happy International Women's Day!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! What great gifts. We've had cloudy rainy days for weeks too. Its finally nice this weekend. Yay!!
    Have a great time with your family!!

  2. We all should treat ourselves very well. Your birthday shopping sounds really good and a birthday dinner given by a family member is exciting. Enjoy your birthday and it doesn't matter if it is extended to many many more days :))

  3. Happy B'Day! If you can't treat yourself who will :) What is Beckett like LOL! Lovely pics :) Have a lovely dinner :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! You sent us the sunshine today, and I thank you for it!

    Happy Birthday! HOpe Keltic lets you sleep in tomorrow :)

  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like it was fabulous! You sooooooo deserve it!

  6. Happy birthday. Sounds like u got yourself fabulous presents for your birthday. The sandles are cute, but the size is too small for mommy. Guess she can't borrow them. :)

    It's great you got a sunny day, I'm surprised at how much snow you still have!
    It's funny, because after two weekes of glorious warm weather, we got snow all of a sudden!
    Pippa :)


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