Monday, March 18, 2013

My Birday Pawty

Hey dere everybody, I had my birday pawty today and it was pretty awesome.  If my hair looks kinda messy, that's cuz I was trying to take this stoopid hat off and Mums had to chase me around the table.

Last night when we gots home from Beckett's gility trial, Mums let me open one of my presents. It was a box of Three Dog Bakery cookies, they was real good. Mums eben let me take an extra one right from the box. Today, Mums stayed home with us, well she did go out for a bit. Before she went out she made pupcakes with carrot and carob chips.

After she came back home, she put frosting on them.  The green icing was store bought but Mums made the white stuff.

Before we was loud to have cake, I had to open my pressies. I was hoping for more cookies but I got toys and clothes.

Here I is with my other pressies, a stuffed dragon squeaky toy, a new fur and fleece tug and new collar and leash.

Then it was time for pictures and cake. Boy, I could hardly wait for cake. Beckett, the momma's boy sat at the table real nice while Mums was trying to get me to sit still. After the pictures was taken, Mums took off our hats and told us we could get down from da table. Wait I said "I didn't hab no cake"; so I stole one right from the plate and ate it; cupcake paper and all.  It sure was good; I wished I could hab anudder one but Mums said we could only hab one and she put some away in da freezer.  I tried to see if she left any on da table but nope. Beckett waited for Mums to take the paper off his pupcake and ate it nicely in the kitchen.

Ise not sure what the big deal with being one is all about. I feels the same as I did last week and Mum's still says I'm too young to do gility trials like Beckett. But gettin pressies and havin cake was pretty awesome. How often do you get birday's? I hopes at least two or three times a year. I think Mums is hoping I'll calm down a bit, maybe when I'm as old as Tucker, da old guy that used ta live here or at least as old as Beckett.

Mums showed me the video she made of my first year. I donno why she had ta show all dem embarrasin pictures. Beckett sure was a good big brudda eben if he is a momma's boy.

Mums made a video of me opening my pressies. There's no video of me eating cake cuz I thought Mums was gonna take it back so I ates it real real quick like.

Well, I guess that's all der is to say about my birday; except to thanks eberyone for der kind birday wishes. Mums said I had to say that.  But really I do thank eberyone.

Luv and licks,



  1. Well you know young Keltic - we dogs age much faster then the hoomans - and that means our first year is equal to 3 of theirs so YES - we get 3 birthdays per year - how cool is that ! Better tell your Mom she has already missed some - and that she better give you your cakes to make up for it :)

  2. The song you put your video to was hysterical! I've never heard it before.

    You had a really great birthday Keltic! What a lucky dog you are (must be because you were born on St. Paddy's day - luck of the Irish).

  3. Ohhhhhh Dogggiieee Keltic, get some pratice opening gifts before your next birthday, which sad to sad is 364 days away buddy, looks like you did well on the gifts, like the grabbing a cake off the table, Good Job!

    Again Happy Birthday Buddy
    Susie & Bites

  4. Happy birthday Keltic. The dragon toy is really pawsome. Mommy liked the song on the video, she never heard it before.

  5. Oh l love your birthday song in your video, Keltic! It's hilarious and funny!

    Happy Birthday Keltic! Those cupcakes look so yummy and the toys and treats are simply wonderful. What a lucky boy you are!

  6. Ohhhh Keltic!!! Your pawty looks like it was just fabulous and those cupcakes look delicious! Love your hat too!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. Still naughty on his birthday, eh? Hehehe. :-)

  8. Awwww Happy 1st B'Day Keltic! How cute are you! Look at all those presents and treats! Looks like you had a great day!


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