Friday, July 5, 2013

Canada Cup - The Finale

When I got up Sunday morning, my calf was rock-hard and really really stiff, I hoped it would limber up as I used it but I kind of knew in my heart I wasn't going to be able to run.

I arrived at Royackers to find out that Beckett had qualified for the Jumpers final as well. He had qualified in 7th place an even better finish than we had for Steeplechase, the running order below is posted in reverse order. I found Susan Royackers and told her that we had to scratch, everyone asked me, "won't he run for someone else" but there was no one there that we had even tried to have him run with them.

I picked up course maps anyway and went and got the dogs settled in their crates in the screen tent.  I'm not ashamed to say that when the other 16" finalists started their walk through for Steeplechase, I had tears in my eyes.

I'm sure Beckett would have done well in this Steeplechase, we may not have been the fastest but we might have had a chance for the podium but now we don't know. I did video the other bi-black sheltie, Jazz and her handler, they had an excellent run.

The last final we would have been in was Jumpers, again when I looked at the course map, I felt that Beckett would have done just fine, he threadles well, has a good around, only the last line of jumps might have given us a bit of a problem if I hadn't been able to keep up with him.

Again I videoed Jazz, her handler even handled the jumps after the second tunnel like I would have.

After the finals were done they set up for the awards ceremony but first they had a competitors' raffle. Each of the competitor's names were put in a bag and when your name was drawn, you went an drew a number from another bag and that was the number of the prize you won. There were tunnels, big gift baskets, and lots of other great items, we won a sport umbrella.  We also won a prize in a raffle to help another handler and her dog go to the Paragility Games in Hungary.

Adrian Royackers and the Canada Cup Judges
16 " Winners - Steeplechase

16" Winners - Jumpers
 The Steeplechase winners got a nice big black and white ribbon, oh how we would have liked to get one of those.

So we've already put the dates for next year's Canada Cup into our calendar and we'll try again to qualify for the finals. Who knows maybe even Keltic might be ready to give it a try.


  1. Even if someone else could've run Beckett, it wouldn't have been the same. Something to look forward to for next year!

  2. Ohhhh, we feel sorry that you couldn't help Beckett do the trials, but now you got lots of time to train an be the one at the top!

    The Mad Scots and Trainee

  3. Oh man that's a bummer. So sorry.

  4. Theres always next year. U will win a great ribbon next time.

  5. I definitely agree with Sara, someone else running Beckett would not have been the same. I doubt it would have made you feel any better...been there, done that with Krypto. I will not do it again...
    You and Beckett are a great team, and next year you'll be there and I am sure you two will rock!!

  6. Aw, that such a shame about your calf. Is it better? I'm sure you and Beckett would have done brilliantly, but at least you've got next year to go for! There were a lot of shelties there; funnily, there's hardly any here!
    Pippa :)

  7. Hope your calf is feeling better! That must have been really disappointing :( Looking forward to hearing about next year!!


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