Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun Match

Keltic did a fun match on the weekend. Boy, was it hot out. We stayed for our two Standard runs and one of our two Snooker runs and then went home to our air conditioning.  Keltic, even given the heat, was quite ready to play. He had never been to this venue before but when I brought him up to the gate, he was jumping around just raring to go.

I was still recovering from a torn calf muscle so on the Standard course, I was going in with a plan just to do one obstacle at a time but Keltic had other plans.  It was also his first time at 16" so that's probably why he missed the tire. He still bounces over a lot of jumps but over a couple in the video I can see that he is jumping a little better. If it wasn't so hot outside we would do some jump grids so I could video him at 10" and at 16".

In his second time on the Standard course, a friend ran him for me and my little pumpkin head did the whole course for her, well except for the weaves but he doesn't know how to do those yet.  So this weekend, Lyne will try and run him at the Kanine Kup. If he doesn't run off leash than she can run him for exhibit on leash at least that way he can get more experience with a different handler, equipment and venue.

In Snooker, I practiced calling him by obstacles and got him between two jumps, wasn't too much of a challenge as I was calling him to his favourite obstacle the A-frame.  I put him over the second red and managed to call him off the tunnel to do the A-frame again but we weren't as lucky over the third red, that tunnel was just too enticing.  Then we just worked on tunnel, tire until our time was up as he was having difficulty with the 16" tire.

Overall he did very well given the heat and the fact that he hasn't jumped 16" that much.  I'd like to start thinking about entering him in trials but I'm going to wait until he's weaving.


  1. You guys be careful out there in the heat. Wow 16", I think I would have to be a pole vault to get over, sounds like everything is starting to come together.

    The Mad Scots

  2. I think he did awesome! Looks like a fun time. Hope we get a break from this awful heat soon.

    1. Supposedly by this weekend, just in time for Kanine Kup, sure hope it doesn't pour rain like last time.

  3. I really like that course. It looks so pretty. I especially like how it looks like there are windows on the sides of the jumps. Mommy has some broken pieces of the white gate (that looks like the inners of those windows), maybe she will try to add to our ghetto jumps in the yard to make it look pretty like that. Thanks for the idea.

    And it looks like Keltic had a really fun time at the course.

  4. I hope your leg gets better soon!

  5. Clever happy Keltic having so much fun !


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