Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Canada Cup - Part 2

The next day, most of the day was just overcast and when it did rain the rain wasn't nearly as heavy, sometimes the sun even tried to peep through.

The day started with Gamblers which we hadn't entered so again we didn't have to get up as early as some competitors.  There were over 120 dogs registered for the Canada Cup events. It's quite unbelievable that we got in that many runs and didn't really finish all that late in the evening.

The Gamblers event was really unique, three mini gambles with one main gamble, if you did all three minis in your opening you received an additional 20 points and you got 5 points for each obstacle of the main gamble you completed.  When the buzzer went to end the opening, you also had to take the two jumps (or go between the uprights) before you could attempt the main gamble. There were some pretty spectacular runs. The link is to the run of winner of the 22" Height class, pretty darn amazing!

We started our day with the second Grand Prix. It was a bit of a train wreck for us. Beckett knocked a bar and then came back between the uprights, 5 faults for the bar, 5 faults for the off-course, then he totally blew off his dog walk. I don't think he's ever come off like that since we got to Masters which is not to say he always gets the contact.  If this had been a regular trial, our run would have certainly included some training in the ring. Then he also got 5 faults for missing his A-frame contact, so with 20 faults added to our time we were way out of it.  

So making the finals in Gran Prix was not to be, I hoped that our next run Steeplechase would go a little smoother. And it did, although not super fast, Beckett was clean with a time of 38.10 but he finished in 13th place so I wasn't sure if he would make the finals; only 9 dogs in his height class would make the finals in this event.

Our last run of the day Jumpers started well enough although I did a front cross after 3 when I had planned to post turn. It worked out all right as Beckett was a little forgiving, and took 4 without spinning and let me get back into position for obstacle 5. After that the run went well until I did a blind cross at the far end of obstacle 16 to set Beckett up for the last four jumps. Then without warning something in the calf of my left leg gave way and we had to do a hop, skip and jump finish which probably ended up adding 3 or 4 seconds to our time. Not sure what place Beckett finished this event in but his run was clean and, given the circumstances, in a respectable 36.91 seconds. Fellow competitors got me some Advil, water and an ice pack right after our run.

By now they had posted the Steeplechase finalists and I was very happy to see Beckett had placed 8th overall and so had made it to the finals.

As it didn't rain too much during the day and the forecast for Sunday was very promising, they made the announcement that the even would be outdoors on Sunday. We moved our crates down to the screen tent along with some other gear so it would be there in the morning.

I hoped whatever happened with my leg that by Sunday, like a bad cramp, the stiffness would have eased enough to allow me to run.  We didn't wait for the Jumpers results but went back to the hotel, fed the dogs and then I went out for a quick bite to eat. When I got back to the hotel frozen waters bottles and hot bath were the prescription for my leg.


  1. Wow, tough jumpers run! You did great, even limping! I hope your leg is ok. Congrats on making it to finals!

  2. You guys did awesome! You're such a trooper to finish that run!

  3. Well done, some fantastic runs and results! That looked painful, hope you're alright! Give Beckett a big hug from me.

  4. That leg ouchie sounded bad. I am glad you r ok.


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