Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eighteen Months

I be 18 months old today, dunno what's the big deal, I didn't get no birfday pressies or nuffin. Mums is all exscited about it though, she says now I can go to real gility trials like Beckett. Once, my weavers are a little better Mums said she's gonna puts an entry in for me.

My teeters is pretty good now.  We hasn't put our teeter all the way up but it's getting there. I donts waits in the red part no more as Mums stopped giving me treats jus for gettin on. Now I has ta go all da way to the yellow bit afore I gets any treats. I likes the teeter now.

I just be figuring out dem weavers poles. I only does dem from one side but Mums says we can works on dem over da winter. We has a fun match dis weekend and the last K9 Kup in October, Mums says if I do good, she might enter me in a real competition in November.  

I be going to a gility seminar in November too just like a growed up dog. I sure hopes I gets to go to da real trial too, cause den Beckett can't say I be a baby no more.


  1. YOu're going to be great Keltic! Look at how much you learner already!

  2. What a clever boy Keltic! Oh not long till the exciting competitions begin :)

  3. Fannie says that you're really handsome and very good at agility! Happy 18 months birthday!

  4. Happy 18 months Keltic! I'm sure you'll be great at those big competitions, by the sounds of it you're doing amazing!
    Have a great weekend,
    Pippa :)


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