Thursday, September 12, 2013

Working Weaves

The only obstacle that Keltic does not yet do are the weaves. I've been trying to be very consistent about doing a short training session with him nearly every evening and things do seem to be progressing. Poor Beckett gets relegated to the backyard while we train in the basement.

Keltic seems to only understand the near side entry. I really should go back to just two poles and work the clock but we have one more K9 Kup in early Oct and I'm hoping we'll be able to at least to give it a good try on doing the weaves. 

Over the winter I plan to go back and retrain the entries and try and get a little more speed out of him since weaves and one jump work is about all I can do in the basement. Once I can get him weaving six poles, I'll enter him in his first AAC trial, hopefully that's not too far off.


  1. He looks like he's getting it!

  2. Well done Keltic you're a clever boy!

  3. Looks pretty good! I would grow the toy in front of him on the ground as he drives out of the last pole. This will prevent him from looking back at you, which could lead to pop outs later and will make him drive a little harder since he likes that toy so much.


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