Monday, September 30, 2013

Mish Mash Monday


Yesterday, Beckett and I did four runs at Dream Fields. I only did four as I'm still a bit worried about putting too much strain on my leg.  Keltic came along as a spectator but that won't be for long as I've decided to enter him in the November trial.

Our first run was a Standard, I worried about faulting right at the start as the second obstacle, a jump was right by the dog walk and I thought Beckett would take dog walk for an off course. He didn't and our run was going smoothly until my agility champion took a tunnel instead of the A-frame.  I hadn't even worried about that. The rest of the run was really nice.

Next up was the Steeplechase. I've probably said it before but we love Steeplechase since there are no refusals I can push things and not worry if Beckett spins. This run ran beautifully, the only hiccup was that I didn't front cross in the right place after the A-frame and found myself nearly running into jump 5. I had to reset, which caused Beckett to spin a little, and continue on.  We ran the course in 40.06 seconds and the allowable course time was 48 seconds. It was not only a Q and first place in our jump height but also the best run of all the regular dogs. It is Beckett's 18th Steeplechase Q, we are closing in on the next title, seven more to go. The run had felt really good and I hoped Beckett and I would be together like that for Jumpers as well.

Jumpers ran pretty well. We had a time of 38.73 seconds on a course that had an allowable time of 45 seconds.  We had five faults though so no Q. After telling Beckett to go around a jump (as he had to do the backside), I had tried a blind cross to get to the other side of the jump. I must have begun my rotation too soon and he pulled off and came back to me for the refusal.

Last up was a Gamblers. I had barking spinning Beckett with me and we didn't get through the opening I had planned when the buzzer to begin the close went off. Beckett went out to the dog walk, the first obstacle of the main gamble,  nicely but instead of turning into the tunnel after the dog walk, he took off for a jump.  I didn't think we had enough points in our opening but as it turned out we had exactly 28, the minimum you need to Q.  Oh well!

No video today. I could have asked a few folks but since there was no title on the line I didn't worry about it.

It was a gorgeous day and we got home in time to spend an hour or so playing Frisbee in the backyard.


  1. Good day by all :) Then back to play what a life!

  2. Heyyy, very exciting about Keltic's upcoming debut! Congrats on your fun day with Beckett and glad your leg is holding up.


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