Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dream Fields Trial

Well, two weeks ago Keltic went to his last agility trial as a spectator. Next weekend, he will make his debut at Dream Fields. I entered him in 4 events, two Standards, a Jumpers and a Gamblers. Today we did a little weave practice in the backyard. He still really needs work on his weaves but after today we'll have to work on them in the basement as I'll be bringing the weaves inside today. The time change was last night so now by the time I get home it will be nearly dark.

But back to the Dream Fields trial, we went for only five events, a Gamblers, a Standard, a Team, Steeplechase and a Jumpers. Beckett was wild in Gamblers, I didn't even think he had enough opening points to Q, he did have the minimum number to Q but no matter as we didn't get the main gamble. Beckett came out of the tunnel and was supposed to get on the dog walk but he came too far back to me and I couldn't get him back out to the dog walk. Next up was our Standard, well you can see how that went.

For Team, my partner had to pull her dog as he had injured a toe. I found another partner but both dogs failed to go clean so no Q there either.

I was getting a little worried that we would end the day without a Q and the ending sequence from jump 14 to 19 of the Steeplechase looked tough.

But it ran, for me anyway, really smooth; so smooth I thought I had forgotten another jump. The Standard course time was 51 seconds. Beckett's time was 36.78 seconds, running 4.95 yards per second. The run was good enough for first place and a Q as well as best run for mini Regular dogs.

Next up was Jumpers, we had a couple spins. The first time Beckett stopped himself, the second time, I stopped and got him settled before sending him on to finish the course. We must have been blazing as the Standard Course time was 45 seconds, Beckett's time was 29.38 seconds even with the spinning. He was running 5.48 yards per second, very fast for him. We've been over 5 yps before but usually just over 5.  Again, he Q'd and had the best run of the mini Regular dogs. So our day ended very well!

He now needs only one Jumpers for Expert Bronze Jumpers and 6 more Steeplechase for Expert Bronze Steeplechase.

Looking forward to next weekend and Keltic's debut but before that, on Thursday, he will be going to his second agility seminar. He did a puppy seminar over a year ago, this is a Novice/Starter dogs seminar with Daisy Peel.  I'm looking forward to it. Going to be a good week ahead, always fun to see the training come together in the ring.


  1. Beckett is super speedy! Such a happy dog running with his mama :)

    Can't wait to hear how Keltic does!

  2. Wow, that is amazing speed. Looking forward to how Keltic does.

  3. Beckett you getting very good at this, keep logging up the Q's and do some for us.

    The Mad Scots

  4. Congrats , you guys are doing great!

  5. "well you can see how that went" - LOL! Everyone's gotta have a run like that every now and then...

    Great job with the Steeplechase and Jumpers!

    Be sure to get video of Keltic's debut!!

  6. Mighty speedy we say. Onwards and upwards. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. How exciting to hear Keltic is going to debut at the agility course soon!

    We loved the video of Beckett. He looked excited and sounded like he barked after almost ever obstacle. It was like he was cheering himself on saying to himself -- oh yeah!

  8. My the last part was a bit of a dizzy sequence LOL!


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