Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Expert Bronze Jumper

At the trial this past weekend, Beckett got his Expert Bronze Jumpers title and he certainly didn't do it the easy way. I put him on the start line and started to lead out to a position past obstacle 2 to block a decoy jump.  Little did I know that Mr Sneaky Pants decided to surprise me and come out meet me at the same position. I was kind of startled to say the least to see him come up by my side.  The thought crossed my mind that maybe he had not even done the first two jumps but then I thought oh well, if he didn't we've already faulted, lets just have fun with the rest of the course.  I wasn't even sure that we hadn't faulted obstacle three; but I see now in the video that he never really approached three so no faults there. The course didn't run as smooth as I would have liked but it was much smoother than it looked on the course map. I was sure again when he was spinning before the tunnel in the back corner that we had faulted but you can see the judge in the video and she didn't call any faults.  I was so sure we had faulted that course that as you can see I gave Beckett a finger wagging at the end of the run and he only got a few hot dogs for his efforts. When they handed out the ribbons, I was waiting to just go get a cookie and they didn't call his name until "and first with a Q, Beckett and Helen"; I had to say "did you say Beckett". He even got the best run of mini Regular dogs and won a stuffed dinosaur.

Beckett with his ribbons and prizes

Master Jumpers Course
Beckett's last run of the day was a very nice Steeplechase. Not sure why he spun a bit on the back tunnel. I think we have to work on "go" as well as rear crosses this winter as there was no reason for the spinning on the tire. Oh right, he has obstacle commitment issues. Beckett now only needs 5 more Q's for his Bronze Expert Steeplechase. The steeplechase run was also the best run for the mini Regular dogs and he won the little pink bunny; isn't it cute. Beckett got jack-potted with hot dogs big time to make up for the scarce reward he got after Jumpers.

We also ran two Standards. The first one was very nice. Beckett's speed in the weaves surprised me a bit and I didn't get my front cross in so we got faulted for a refusal on the jump after the weaves. The second Standard, we had an off-course and were eliminated.  He had to go past the dog walk to a tunnel  and chose to get on the dog walk instead but I didn't run in as far as I had planned so really didn't give him all the information he needed to make the correct choice.   So we are still five Q's from his Bronze Award of Merit but I'm sure those Q's will come.


  1. Well done Beckett congreatulations. Looks at your fab ribbons and prizes. Way to go. Onwards and upwards.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Awesome job! Go Beckett!

    He sure keeps you on your toes.

  3. Congrats! I am sure he will have his Q's before he knows it!

  4. Pawsome ribbons and prizes! Congratulations Beckett. Well done!

  5. WTG Beckett! Congrats! Lovely Rosettes and prizes :)

  6. We are SO PROUD of Beckett, see he knows what he is doing, even if it's his way, hes gonna get there in no time!!

    The Mad Scots

  7. Aw, Beckett did excellent! Turns out you didn't do badly, and look what you got! A bronze award and some toys! Well done Beckett!
    Have a super week,
    Pippa :)


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