Monday, November 18, 2013

Parcel from Across the Pond

Oh my dog, Beckett and me gots a parcel today from our friend Pippa and her peoples!  Mums says they live a long way away in Scot land, a place that Mums has visited afore she gots me and Beckett. We tried to open da parcel urselves but in de end Mums had to helps us.

Mums took out all the gifts from the box and then read the letter that Pippa wrote to us.  I was very cited to hear from Pippa but eben more cited to get to da stuffies. I chose da red robin stuffie as Mum's always buys black and white stuffies for Beckett so he gets da penguin stuffie. How did you know that Pippa?

Me, Keltic trying to get my stuffie and I just had to start chewing on it already. Beckett, da Mama's boy waited til Mums said he could get his stuffie but he was more interested in da cookies

Yes, der was shortbread cookies in the present but Mums says we cants have any.  Mums is not a great cook, although we likes eberything she makes. Shortbread, however, is one of her favourite cookies, she makes a big batch ebery Christmas.

The gifts that Pippa sent to Mums
Mums put all da pins on her banner in special places. The SSPCA pin went up beside her other SPCA pin. Da thistle pin went beside da maple leaf pin which was made from da old copper dat was on da roof of our Parleyment buildings and da Aberdeen flag pin went up besides her other Scottish place pins.

SPCA pins

Scottish place pins, Brodie, Balmoral, Glenfinnan, Culloden and now Aberdeen

Thistle pin with maple leaf pin

Pin banner
 Getting da parcel made it an extra special evenin.  We luves our pressies, thank you Pippa and please thanks your peoples too.

Lots of licks from me, Keltic, and from Beckett and Mums too


  1. How kind of Pippa to send all that cool stuff. That is a very impressive pin collection!

  2. We agree that was so kind of Pippa and now you have a little of Scotland in your home. Enjoy.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Interesting collection :). Scotland is a beautiful country that i wishh to visit :D and of course wonderful dogs


  4. What fantastic gifts! I love your pin banner.

  5. Those are pawsome presents! Pippa has pawsome taste in picking out presents!

  6. They were really nice gifts to get :) Scotland is the best! Me biast noooo LOL!

  7. Dear Keltic and Beckett,
    I am just delighted to see that you got the parcel! I'm so glad you loved your stuffies, and isn't that funny how I picked the right colours for Beckett?! Heehee, I hope the shortbread wasn't all smoosh by the time it got over the pond!
    Wow, mums pin banner is amazing, all those pins are super impressive! Eve pondered over getting you that one with the Scottish and Canadian flags crossed, but I see you already have it!
    Did mum like her car sticker? Now, wherever you go, you can tell everyone where you're REALLY from!
    So happy it got there safely, and you're enjoying everything inside!
    Pippa :)

  8. Mums loves the car decal but she has a die-lemma; she is not sure she wants to put it on dis car or waits til she buys anudder car. The cookie box is in great shape so mums thinks the cookies will be fine, she hasn't opened dem yet. But we keeps asking her when she's gonna eat dem; you never know we mights just get a bite :-)


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