Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Day

Well today after getting up and seeing that it was still snowing, I decided to take a snow day.  It's now after 11 am and it's still snowing. All right already, enough. I sure hope this counts as March coming in like a lion even though today is the last day of February. I hate to think of another month of winter.  The snow bank at the end of the driveway is now too high for my snow blower to throw the snow. The photos are of the front and back of the house. The deck is more than half covered now with really only a walkway to get out into the back yard.

The dogs like that I've been home today and even though it's snowing, it's not too cold out so we've been out to play. The snow is wet and heavy and it sticks to them and me so we come back in the house just soaked. But the boys have fun! They're napping now.

I'm going to get it!

Where's the Frisbee?

Now he's got it

Keltic playing hide and seek.

Under the trees
I hope this is our last big snowfall; I'm getting rather tired of winter.  It is fun to play with the boys outside in the snow but I hate all the shoveling that goes along with it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well, there are some big changes this year to the agility scene in our area. The biggest change is the closure of Red Gate as a venue that you can rent for personal practice time or a location to host seminars.

Red Gate also hosted some of the best fun matches and had a wonderful birthday party open house every year.  Although the fun matches were held over the winter months and it wasn't always the warmest place to be even with the propane heaters, the camaraderie always kept you warm. The Saturday fun matches ended with dinner at a local restaurant for those who wanted to attend which was a great chance to get to know people outside of an agility setting.

Red Gate will still be there but the owners have decided to expand their livestock business and need the room that the arena provides for an expanded flock of sheep.   They also have alpaca, geese, peacocks and chickens.

So today at what was our last practice at Red Gate, we let the Sheltie boys have a little play time before we did our agility practice; who knows when they'll all get to run like this again.  Probably not until the summer when we are down east again.

We have been lucky to have Red Gate as place to go and practice and we're still lucky in this area to have other venues available to us. Change is a part of life and we'll continue to play in the agility ring but just not at Red Gate any more. Next week, we'll see if the practice helped at all as Beckett has his first trial of 2013. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let the Countdown Begin

Me and Beckett on 17 Feb 2013
Hey dere everybody, Mums says we is counting down to my birfday; I be 11 months old today.  It's a nice sunny day today but its ferry cold. Today, weese went to a place called Red Gate. I gots to play with my friend, Sam. I hadn't seen him since we went to da beach last summer. We both changed a whole bunch but I still knowed him.  I also gots to do the dog walk, the a-frame and lots of jumps and tunnels.  Mums took a video and you can see how much we grewed.

Mums said she's ordered some of my birfday presents. I wonder if Santa Paws brings da birfday presents too. Mums said I got to be good or she might jus send my birfday presents back. Somethin has been chewing on da cover for the BBQ; I think it be some racoons. I sure hope Mums doesn't think it was me.

I had my last Beginner agility class this weekend, next week we goes to the Intermediate class, now we gets to run little courses, I was getting bored only doing one obstackle at a time.  Mums says once I be a year old I maybe I can jump bigger jumps, that would be fun. I can't waits til I turn one!!