Thursday, June 16, 2016

How did that happen??

In 2009,  I saw the above picture on the internet. I had been looking for a sable sheltie puppy but when I saw this puppy, I e-mailed my niece and asked what she thought.  I didn't really even wait for her reply but e-mailed the breeder to see about getting him. We made arrangements and I sent off a deposit; the breeder also agreed to keep him until the Saturday of  Labour Day weekend.

The puppy was in Oshawa about a four hour drive from Ottawa. My Dad was visiting that weekend and my youngest sister was living in Kingston about the halfway point so we got in the car and went to Kingston where I dropped off my Dad along with Ceilidh and Tucker. After a short break I was back on the road to Oshawa where I picked up my new puppy, pretty sure I already had his call name picked out.

Beckett meeting Ceilidh and Tucker
We stayed over night in Kingston then my Dad, Ceilidh, Tucker, baby Beckett and I headed home. Monday, my Dad and I took the dogs to the park across the street, another woman was there with her two shelties, one only 8 months old. I made the mistake of letting Beckett play fetch and during the game he screamed and came back yelping and whining and not using his back leg.  We went home and I made the decision to go the emergency hospital, five hours on a holiday Monday waiting to see the vet.  They sent us home saying the leg was just dislocated but a recheck the following week determined that it was broken, but a clean break. The leg had to be splinted and the splint ended up staying on for about 6 weeks. Luckily for me a friend was able to take him to work so I would leave in the morning and she would come by and get him and drop him off again after I was home from work.

Not an auspicious start, I even waited to tell the breeder what happened. Despite the start, Beckett grew up healthy and happy.  He loves his Frisbee and balls. He has been a fantastic agility partner.

The years have passed by so quickly, I can't believe that he is old enough now to be a veteran dog in the Agility Association of Canada.

We had a low key birthday, no cake but a big cookie and some new toys, treats and collar.

The birthday pressies

Hamming it up for the camera

The cookie!

Happy Birthday, Beck boy!!! I hope there are many more.


  1. Happy Birthday, Beckett! You are one handsome boy!

  2. Happy Birthday. What a great story.

  3. Their hats are so funny! I love it!

    What a rough start he got off too, but puppies heal quick, don't they?

    Happy Birthday Beckett!


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