Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Party Of One Dinner

So in this crazy time  when we're all supposed to be self-isolating and staying home, not even visiting with close family, I decided to have a fancy Easter dinner.  I saw a post from a friend of mine where he took his wife to dinner; he made dinner then dressed in a mix of Mess Kit and civilian clothes and picked his wife up from the room where she was working by going around to the sliding door.  That gave me the idea to dress in my Mess Kit as well for my fancy Easter dinner.

The Chef
The chef prepared a wonderful menu. Dinner was poached salmon, roasted asparagus and scalloped potatoes au gratin.  The potatoes were amazing, the chef told me it was the first time she had made them from scratch.

Scalloped Potatoes au gratin

Poached Salmon

Easter Dinner
For dessert, the Chef brought in lemon squares from a local bakery and served them with raspberries and lapin au chocolat (chocolate bunny).  The dessert was accompanied by Chocolate Raspberry Truffle wine. The dessert and the wine were extremely good.

I have to say the Maitre D' was very good too. The table setting was elegant and the service was fantastic but unobtrusive.

The Maitre D'
Table setting
The meal was served very quickly after I arrived. I totally enjoyed the meal, the atmosphere and the music that was being played.

Being greeted by the restaurant staff

Dinner attire

Enjoying wine with dinner


Chocolate Easter Bunny
I have to say the dinner went rather smoothly. The only little difficulty was getting dressed. I had forgotten how hard the shirt studs are to put on. They are quite small, only have a short pin and the back piece has to be screwed onto the pin. You can see one of them in the picture below. Good thing there are only three of them to do. 

Logistics Shirt Studs
Also the kitchen staff was rather slow in cleaning up; the dishes didn't get done until after 7 pm and then only after they were promised more wine. 

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter (or whatever observance you follow)!


  1. What a WONDERFUL dinner! Just the way to celebrate...even if you had to be by yourself. Hope you've sent photos to all your family and friends! (sounds like the clean-up staff needs a shake-up)

    1. We put lots of pictures on FaceBook too. I challenged all my single friends to post pictures of their dinner and attire, some did.

  2. That was a fun post, and a delicious dinner!!! We had a quiet dinner too, just Mom and Dad and us. We usually do a big family gathering, but not this time:(

    We will make up for it as soon as we can.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  3. How fun. I love your outfit and your dinner looks amazing. Well done.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  4. What time is dinner again? My goodness, what an exceptional beautiful presentation. Loved seeing this post. Thank you and stay happy and healthy and safe. Virtual hugs across the miles.

  5. The most perfect Easter and your dinner looked fabulous!


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