Wednesday, February 29, 2012

True Colours - Royal Purple

Here we are with another coloured blog post, this week it's royal purple.

My selections for the week are somewhat mundane. I do have quite a bit of royal purple in my wardrobe but who wants to see purple shirts.

My first selection for this week is a tapestry that I bought off eBay to hang in the stairwell as it looked kind of blah otherwise. The royal purple is in the grape vines that cover the arch.

Garden tapestry
 My next selection, I wear everyday of the week. It's the lanyard for my building pass and on it you'll see my yellow Support the Troops ribbon.

For my last selection, I chose, and boy am I glad I have a wide variety of brightly coloured agility ribbons, Tucker's Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title ribbon.

Tucker's AADC ribbon
I had some fun with the twist. I think William and Kate thought I was inviting them to the Winter Gardens and not to a Winter Garden party, so they were rather undressed for the occasion.

Winter Garden Party
It wasn't as grand an affair as a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.  I was lucky enough to have been invited to one of those while I was posted in England. Actually, if you hadn't attended either the Garden Party or the Trooping of the Colour, you had a pretty decent chance of being selected by your High Commission.  It was very nice afternoon spent in the gardens behind Buckingham Palace with lots of sandwiches, canapes, fruit, desserts and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks including iced coffee, something I had never had before; it was wonderful. I didn't get introduced to any of the Royal Family but I was quite close to both the Queen and Prince Philip as they mingled and were introduced to some of the guests.

Invitation to Buckingham Palace
My niece's actually met William and Kate during their tour in Canada, well at least they got to shake their hands and say a few words. Very few, my niece said she was tongue-tied and all she could say was "Thank-you".

William in Prince Edward Island just after shaking hands with my nieces.

William and Kate in Prince Edward Island
I've also had the opportunity to attend a Garden Party with Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Fort York in Toronto.  She was the Colonel Commandant of the Medical Corps and I was, at the time, a Medical Associate Officer. I don't have any pictures of that function as it was a private affair, like the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, so no cameras were permitted.


  1. Hi there! What a great True Colors Post!!! Just beautiful! Thought we'd pop over and say hello! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. What a great post! Congratulations on your agility ribbon, Tucker!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Oh Helen! I'm so jealous! A garden party at Buckingham Palace? That is the coolest thing ever.

  4. Wow - what awesome memories to have of the garden party - what a neat experience. Love the items you found and that ribbon is perfect! thanks for playing along

  5. Great photos! Mommy likes the lanyard photo. Sometimes Mommy looks so hard to find something, and it's under her nose all along. So, she probably wouldn't have come up with the lanyard photo. Oh and the twist photo was great too! At least Kate wore a hat to protect her from the snow! :)

  6. The prize ribbon is a treasure, the memories of actually meeting William & Kate more so - great post for royal purple.


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