Monday, May 7, 2012

True Colours - Brown

Well not only does the color have to be brown this week but it has to be a brown teddy bear (or a dog stuffie). I do happen have a few brown bears and they decided it would be a good day to go out into the backyard for a play date.  They played on the agility equipment and sat out in the sun. A wonderful time was had by all.

Tanner, my Brass Button bear decided to play on the teeter. Be careful, Tanner, hold on tight.

Aunt Yvonne DuBeary, yes that's her name, wanted to swing on the tire. She had a good time.

Mink played with the tunnels. You're supposed to go through the tunnel, Mink. Mink is hand-made from an old fur coat. I'll bet you can guess what kind of fur.

Then after playing, they decided to relax in the sun on the back of the bench on the deck. Being pretty high up there, they had a wonderful view of the backyard. I'm sure they enjoyed their day out. Almost like a Teddy Bear Picnic.


  1. Awww! This is so cute, like a children's book.

  2. I knew there would be some teddy-holics around :) Great pics all of them!

  3. LOL-ing big time here!
    Loved the bear aerobatic fun.

  4. That was a fun adventure! A good time was had by all, including me. ;)


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