Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Daddy

Memorial to my Dad

The greatest things you gave me were not found in a store-
They were the things you could never pay for.
You gave me hope, compassion and love-
Things some kids can only dream of,
you gave me courage far stronger then I ever knew
so when I had to let you go,
To let you pass to a better place,
I some how managed to cope,
By remembering your gifts of love and hope.
Now you are safe, watching over us all down here,
And if I may, I have one last thing to say-
I want you to know how special it is for me to be a part of you
For you were the greatest man I knew!
So never forget your little girl,
The fun things we did, and the great times we had.
I will remember it all because you're my dad- 
   And know that I love you too!!!


  1. That was beautifully written! Made Mommy tear up. She misses her dad too, he passed away over 10 years ago. She has the same feelings about her dad too. Mommy gets her sense of humor from her dad. He always made Mommy smile and he was always very caring (especially for our pets). He used to give the meat from his dinner to the dogs and Grandma used to yell at him to stop feeding the dog's and eat it himself. He always had a kind heart and always took Mommy's side. Very nice tribute to your dad. He must have been a great dad just like Mommys!!!

    1. My Dad had a way with babies and animals. He was quiet but was always there for us, fishing, camping trips, driver for sports and club events. He was a great Dad but didn't really know that until after I was an adult.

  2. That was really nice, brought tears to my eyes too.

    Funny how so many things we don't truly appreciate until we're all grown up.

  3. still teary eyed here...beautiful


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