Thursday, May 24, 2012

True Colours - Rainbow

The theme for this week's photo challenge was rainbow or tutti-frutti. I wanted to get over to the Bulk Barn and take some pictures of the bins of wine gums, jelly worms, other assorted coloured candy but life just got in the way.  Taking care of a puppy is a lot of work.

So all I have this week for rainbow is some of the many many dog toys in the house.

Next week I hope to have something a little more interesting.


  1. Those look like the perfect mixed colors to make tutti frutti

  2. I was just thinking today about how much work Chewy was when he was a baby. He's still a lot of work, but at least I can take my eyes off him for 60 seconds.

  3. Love the dog toys! Very cheerful. I thought the one on the bottom right is some sort of animal toy, looked like it had an eye and blue nose -- but when I looked closer at it -- I think the blue "nose" is just a blue "button" on the pillow. It made me think though. We liked it.

  4. They look like very well loved toys!

    My, that was quite a surprise for Beckett! Keltic is adorable. Ah, all you people getting puppies is making Mum all broody. Does I want a Bro-fur or Sis-fur? hm... not sure.
    Lickies, Ludo


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