Wednesday, May 2, 2012

True Colours - Surprise - Celestial Blue

I'm going to take my cue from Lassie and Benji and post a colour challenge that I missed - Celestial Blue.

I only found a few items in the house without resorting to more agility ribbons.

My first choice is my Star Trek mug. I don't use it for coffee or any other liquid. I have it in my den as a pencil holder.

My next selections are two of my Caithness Glass paperweights. I might have used some of them before.

I think that this picture really fits the celestial blue theme.

I couldn't do the twist as we haven't seen blue sky much at all this past week or so and it's been quite cold.  I sure hope it's nice this weekend as I really would like to spend some time outdoors.  It's a surprise and I'll post early next week about it, maybe even Sunday night. Stay tuned.

This photo I took from the train  when my sister and I went to Toronto to see War Horse.

Remember, watch this space.


  1. A surprise? Exciting! Fingers crossed for good weather.

  2. Oh wow! Love the paper weights - so pawsome!!! We really like the white spiral one the best -- Mommy says she could probably look at that for hours! I think you did a great job finding those celestial blue things!!!!

  3. As a Caithness & blue fan really like your paperweights :)

    TY for playing along with me this week.


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