Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunset Ceremony

One thing about living in the capitol, is that there is always something going on in the city. Most of the outdoor activities are usually dog-friendly although there are always some areas that are off limits.

Last night, a friend and I went to the annual Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sunset Ceremony. It's an outdoor show that is free and is very dog-friendly so Beckett and Keltic came along for the show. The show is held at an outdoor arena near the RCMP stables, when we were walking in to the grounds an RCMP officer came over to see Keltic.

Last night's performance included the Sky Hawks, the parachute team from the Canadian Forces, some highland dancers, an assembled Pipes and Drums band, a local rock band and , of course, the highlight of the show, was the Musical Ride.

Sky Hawks - can you see them?

On Target

Spinning downwards

Another landing
Beckett was quite content to sit between our chairs and just chill out. Keltic on the other hand wanted some attention. Luckily I had brought some hot dogs and the lady next to us entertained him as well.

Beckett - older and wiser

Horsing around
Keltic - the little rascal
The Musical Ride is always fun to see. It's too bad some people can't just sit still and watch the show and I'm not just talking about kids here, some adults and teenagers must have walked by our spot two or three times during this hour and half show. But we still had a good view from where we were.

Taking center stage

Riding formations

The Charge

On Parade

The ceremony ends with the singing of God Save the Queen, O Canada and the lowering of the flag.

We hung around after the show to let some of the crowd clear out. Keltic was a real hit as one person after another came over to see him and pet him. He took it all in stride, he is real people person, I mean people dog. It was a nice evening. I really should get out to more of the activities there are to do around town.


  1. Nevermind the Sky Hawks and the Musical Ride -- I'm pretty sure Beckett was the highlight for quite a few members of the audience! Nice pictures to capture the evening with.

    1. You mean Keltic although Beckett's a star in my eyes too.

  2. Wow that was a great post. Fabulous pictures! I bet if we were there, we would have been barking nonstop. We like to be the center of attention. The crowd would have been too busy watching us rather than the shows. The horse show looked neat!

  3. WHat a fun night! I'd love to watch all that.

    Happy Canada day!

  4. What an interesting outing for you and your dogs! Glad that all of you had a wonderful time.

    It's so good that most events are dog friendly in Canada; we don't have that luck at all. In fact, we see the NO PETS ALLOWED signs everywhere.

  5. very cool and great socializing too! you rock!


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