Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ise a Big Boy Now!

Hello eberyone, is me again, Beckett. My Mums lettin me write the blog today cuz Ise a big boy now. Is my third birday today and Mums says thats means Ise all growed up, mentally as well as fisicklly. Mums now calls me the yung man.

Beckett and his brothers Tucker and Keltic
Mums gots me a new leash for gility for my birday gift, cuz the slip lead gets cots in my hair. Don't cha think I'll look good in red? The leash wuz hand made by a lady just for me, Mums picked out the colours and the ribbon.

Agility leash by Lindsey
Ise gettin used to habin a little brudder around. Hes not as much of a bother as I thaught he miht be, xsept when he steel my frisbee. Weese startin to play bitey face as Reilly and Denny calls it; Mums calls it joustin and weese had zoomies together a couple of times. Weese eben started to wrestle a bit. Of coarse, Ise gotta let Keltic boy win as hes now da baby of the famlee.

A good game of jousting
Ise goin to the Gility Regional Champ in Ship, next weekend. Ise went last year but only competed in sum pre-events. Dis year, Ise be doin the hole thing. Wish me luck.

Beckett - Regionals 2011
Lots of luv,



  1. Hope you have a great day! You are a very handsome boy, and I'm glad you and your little brother are getting along.

  2. Yes, you're a big boy now! Love the leash! Good Luck at the Championship :)

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday Beckett!!! Love the pawty hats picture! So cute!!! Mommy says it's hard enough just trying to take a picture of us 2 dogs for a picture -- it probably would have taken her a month if she were going to take a picture of all 3 of you!!! I'm glad you are playing more with your little brother! Tell your mom person to buy you another frisbee so Keltic doesn't have to steal yours ok!!!

    1. Ise gots about 6 frisbees but Keltic always wants the one Ise got.

  4. We've had problems with our hair getting caught in our leash too. Beautiful leash,


      Our leash was made by Lindsey Cooper, you can find her on Facebook, just search Leashes by Lindsey.


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