Wednesday, June 13, 2012

True Colours - Red Hearts

Well, life and the weather just got in the way and we didn't get around to doing last week's challenge. That was almost the case this week too. But today I had to buy a birthday card for one of my nieces and I decided to quick walk ( I was on my coffee break) around the card store to see if I could find any red hearts.  There weren't that many but I did find two. Picture quality is not that great as I took them with my smart phone.

There is a whole collection of these pose-able bears. I think they are so cute. I have a niece who will be having a baby this fall, maybe one would make a nice baby shower gift.

I almost didn't notice the heart on this gift bag as I saw the butterfly on top first. But as you can see all of the pink and white butterflies make up a heart.  It's not red but pink after all is a just shade of red.


  1. Great finds isn't it amazing what you see when you stop to look

  2. We see your red heart rabies tag too! Nice job, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Boy if they gave you this challenge in February, it would be no challenge at all ~ with Valentine's Day and all.

    I bet I could find a bunch of hearts drawn on desks at school (along with some other, dirty, inapproriate drawings!).

  4. Love the butterfly heart bag. I wouldn't have noticed the heart was made out of butterflies. It's really neat! Great finds!


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