Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Growing like a Weed

I've had Keltic for a month now, where does the time go. He had his second set of shots this past Sunday and we've made an appointment already for his third set and first rabies shots.  He went to an agility seminar this past weekend just as a spectator and will go to his first agility trial again as a spectator this weekend. Learning to be calm and quiet in your crate is one of his first lessons.

He's grown so much and his features are now more like a puppy than an over-sized hamster. He gained just over a kilogram (2.2 pounds for my American friends) in the last three weeks.

First day at home - 5 May 2012

Look at me now - 5 June 2012
Napping - 5 May 2012

Growing puppies still need to nap - 4 Jun 2012
I'm sure we'll see many more changes in the months ahead. Already looking forward to basic obedience and agility classes over the winter.


  1. Oh my! He is growing fast! Still the cutest thing though.

  2. Sooo cute! Puppy pictures are the best!!!

  3. So so so adorable!!! He sleeps like an angel!

  4. what a sweetie and isn't nap time the best - for Moms as well as pups!

  5. Wow he certainly has grown in a month! Handsome boy! Hope your agility went well :)

  6. so so cute

    it's amazing how babies grow!!


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