Saturday, March 17, 2018

I Be Six!

Hey dere everyone, it me, Keltic. Today it my birdday and I be six! Mums said I could writted the blog post.  It also be St Patrick's Day, I dunno know who dat Patrick guy is but it is kind fun dat he shares my birdday.

Mums made pupcakes last night. She letted me and Beckett have a little one to try.  Today she putted icing on dem but she wouldn't let us hab any more. I tried to get some off a da counter but I is not tall enough.

Ready for the Pawty

She says we is going to have a pawty later and den we can hab another one, maybe eben one of da big ones.  I bet we has to take silly pictures afore we gets our pupcake.

Here is da silly pictures of me at all of my birddays

First Birthday

Second Birthday
Third Birthday
Fourth Birthday
Fifth Birthday
 I dunno if I can waited much longer for my pupcakes and pressies but Mums says it won't be too much longer. So long for now, I'll show you my pressies and pawty photos later.


  1. Happy 6th Birthday, Keltic! Your pupcakes look so yummy. I hope you have the bestest pawty!

  2. Oh what a wonderful celebration you had!!! HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY sweetheart!! xoxo DakotasDen

  3. So cute! Happy Birthday Keltic!


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