Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thoughtful Thursday - Tributes

I have tributes to my furkids that have passed over to the Bridge on a web site called In Memory of Pets and links to their tributes are on my blog page. About a month ago, I tried the links and they did not work. I was upset at the loss as those words, written in a time of grief, were a powerful memory for me and I hadn't thought to save what I had written anywhere else.  Well, today I tried  one of the links again and it still didn't work but it brought me to a newly designed web site and I was able to find my tributes to Duffy, Gryffon, Ceilidh and Tucker.

So in order not to lose them once again, I'll copy them here.


May 25 1988 ----- February 10 2000

I miss you Duffy.
From the first time I saw you
you were mine.
We had so many good times.
You were the most friendly beautiful soul I've ever met.
Trusting and loving
you were the most faithful of friends and my best friend.
I wanted to be with you at the end
but you picked your own time to go.
Gryffon misses you too.


November 22 1994 ----- August 23 2002

My buddy, my friend.
So shy, most people didn’t know the real you.
Boundless energy,
you were always ready to play! 
Boundless love, 
you were always ready for a cuddle or to
give me a big hug!
Gone from my life, 
you’ll never be gone from my heart! 
I miss you and Tucker misses you too.
Love forever,
Kelbren Ceilidh Everlasting

January 21 2003  ----- 26 May 2010

My little princess
Spin, dance, prance,
Your joy for life was ever present.
Quiet with your affection,
I always knew you were my girl.
Loud in your opinion,
It always seemed I let you have your way.
I miss your beautiful tail, sparkling eyes, and happy smile,
You were such a beautiful girl.
I miss your exuberant greetings,
Our home is so quiet without you.
Although it hurt deeply to let you go,
I knew it was the right thing for you.
My wonderful, crazy Ceilidh,
You’ll be Everlasting in my Heart.


Momma, Tucker and Beckett


October 31 2000  ----- August 23 2012

My Steadfast little man,
so loyal and true,
these are just a few words that describe you,
Thoughtful and wise,
I’ll never forget your soulful eyes.
Cool and brave,
It was your best effort that you always gave.
Trusting and smart,
even though we’re now apart,
You’ll be forever in my heart.

Miss you so much Boo!! 

Momma, Beckett and Keltic


  1. What a great way to honor friends.

  2. We never forget our furangels. They are with us forever♥

  3. Awwww Helen. These are beautiful tributes. What wonderful furbabies you had, and still have. Always in your heart. Hugs.

  4. such beautiful babies and I am so happy you were able to find these and even happier that now you will never lose these again! DakotasDen


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