Sunday, March 18, 2018

Pawty and Pressies

Hey der again everyone, it be me Keltic again.  Mums said I could write an tell you about my pawty.

Mums surprised us and had in vited some of our fur friends, Jasmine and Fannie.  Not so sure I liked that as I had to share my pupcakes but we still has some left so I guess it was okay. We had to sit for the silly pictures again. I nearly jumped on the table when Mums moved the pupcakes to take the plastic off, I thoughted she wasn't going to give us any.

Mums gaved us each one of  da big pupcakes.  I had to be a good host and I got my pupcake last.  I still ated mine faster than all de others so there's no picture of me eating my cake.



After we wented outside for a bit, I gots to open my pressies.  I gots a red dragon toy, some food toys dat Mums says I has to share with Beckett, some treats and a new collar. 

We each got to try da treats but we hasn't tried da food toys yet. Mums says we will get to try dem at supper tonight. I had a good pawty. I wish we could hab more birdays.

Thanks to everyone for all da birday wishes.


  1. You how well-behaved you all are sitting on chairs at the table! What a fabulous pawty you had, Keltic!

  2. Oh Keltic!!! I am dying from how ADORABLE you and your friends are! Like Molly said, you are all so well-behaved!! You look DARLING in your hat! Oh you are so precious!! Please thank Mom for sharing these wonderful pawty photos! xoxo DakotasDen

  3. Happy Barkday! That looks like a pawsome pawty!

  4. Love the photos of you all at the table. What a fun day!


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